Product Specifications

HSD - The main difference is in the dampers - find out more below

Monopro Monotube Coilovers

Monopro Monotube Coilovers

Premium damping and compliance for the best ride quality on the road, and performance on track

  • High capacity, large-valved Monotube dampers with floating pistons designed for excellent quality ride and damping even under sustained performance and track use.
  • Monotube design and a large oil capacity mean excellent heat dissipation, so handling is kept consistent when driven hard for prolonged periods.
  • Excellent ride quality and supple, precise damping without harshness.
  • Strong rigid damper design which can be inverted on strut models to best withstand the extreme forces from cornering and braking on cars with uprated brakes and tyres.
  • 16 stage damping adjustment.
Dualtech Twintube Coilovers

Dualtech Twintube Coilovers

Great value, fully adjustable twin-tube coilover suspension for road and track use

  • Our fully adjustable high quality twin tube dampers offer great performance and a significant upgrade over standard suspension at an amazing price.
  • Reliable, well proven damper design with lower manufacturing costs.
  • Low gas pressure design.
  • The proven twin tube design enables a longer damper stroke.
  • 14 stage damping adjustment.
If that’s not enough, all HSD coilover ranges also come with
our 30 day, no quibble money back guarantee 30 day money back guarantee
  • Wide range of ride height adjustment, from sporty to super slammed.
  • 12 months warranty with full UK spares and aftersales support.
  • Perfect Setup. Separate ride height, damping and preload adjustments.
  • Camber adjustable top mounts on strut type designs. (camber on double wishbone suspension must be adjusted via the suspension arms)
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