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For enthusiast driving

The HSD DualTech is the not so little brother to the MonoPro. Designed for the enthusiast on more of a budget, looking for that fantastic HSD adjustability and build quality, without the need for the ultimate performance and strength that the MonoPro range provides.

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Each DualTech kit consists of 4 TwinTube coilovers with 14-way damping adjustment, allowing you to perfect how your car feels on the road. Coupled with a longer damper stroke, the HSD DualTech is a significant upgrade over stock suspension that gives you a noticeably sportier, more comfortable ride on the road.


  • 14-Stage Rebound 14-Stage rebound adjustable dampers
  • Fully Synthetic Racing Shock Fluid Full synthetic racing shock fluid
  • Twin-Tube Shock Design Twin-Tube shock design
  • Aluminium Mounts High grade alloy top mounts. Camber plates & spherical bearings (Macpherson models only)
  • Low-Gas Pressure Low gas-pressure technology
  • Custom Spring Rates Custom Spring Rate Options

Other Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of ride height adjustment, from sporty to super slammed
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 12 month warranty with full UK spares and aftersales support

14-Stage Rebound Adjustable Dampers

HSD DualTech dampers provide 14 way rebound damper adjustment in precise adjustment steps.

Full Synthetic Racing Shock Fluid

All HSD products use high quality synthetic damper fluid.

Twin-Tube Shock Design

HSD DualTech use twin-tube dampers- This technology makes the manufacturing process and compents a little simpler for HSD to allow the lower price point for the DualTech kits compared with the MonoPros. Twin-Tube technology can also provide a slightly longer stroke because it doesn't have the secondary floating piston of a monotube damper. In rare applications a DualTech may be capable of going slightly lower than a MonoPro while retaining damper stroke.

Aluminium Mounts & Camber Plates

HSD precision aluminium components are beautifully machined from high grade alloy, and use high quality Japanese spherical bearings. On most Macpherson strut models camber adjustment is provided with an adjustable bearing carrier.

Low-Gas Pressure Technology

Twin-tube damper technology uses a lower gas pressure, which can have an effect on damper stiffness, sometimes making a slightly more comfortable ride than a monotube damper.

Custom Spring Rate Options

We have refined our standard HSD DualTech kits to suit the vast majority of customers in Europe looking for the best balance of performance without compromising comfort. If you feel you require a more comfort biased spring rate you can chose the Comfort Pack or if you are looking for an even more perfomance biased kit you can choose the Track Pack. - Please note these additional options aren't available on all applications.

Completely custom options! If you don't see what you want, we are often able to build a kit tailored to your exact requirements. Please get in touch.

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