Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Driftworks LTD is committed to ensuring that modern slavery and human trafficking have no place in our business operations and supply chains.   

We recognize our responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards and to protect human rights.

Our Commitment

Compliance with Laws: We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to modern slavery and human trafficking in the regions where we operate.
Ethical Conduct: We condemn the use of forced labor, child labor, and any form of modern slavery within our organization and supply chain.
Supplier Due Diligence: We will take reasonable steps to assess and mitigate risks of modern slavery within our supply chain.
Transparency: We will be transparent about our efforts to address modern slavery, both within our organization and with our stakeholders.
Employee Awareness: We will raise awareness among our employees about the risks of modern slavery and provide them with the necessary resources to report any concerns.
Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually improving our efforts to prevent modern slavery and will review and update this policy as necessary.

We encourage our employees to raise any concerns they may have regarding modern slavery, and we will investigate and address such concerns in a confidential and timely manner.


This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and to assess our progress in preventing modern slavery.


This modern slavery policy is approved by the management of Driftworks LTD.